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Countries need about 2.1 children per woman to sustain their population. South Korean women will likely soon have the highest female life expectancy; South Korean women born in 2030 are expected to live longer than 90 years.

In Korea, the average births per woman were slightly above one in 2016. Therefore, the Korean population is ageing rapidly.

Therefore, there are real consequences of marriage forgone.

South Korea is among the countries with the lowest fertility in the world.

Another important reason young Koreans are giving up on dating, getting married and raising kids is the growing economic uncertainty and financial hardships.

Today, many refer to young Koreans as the “ generation” (literally, “giving up on three”) because they have given up on these three things: dating, marriage and children.Recently, the South Korean government has passed a law which cut the maximum weekly hours to 52, down from 68, hoping that Koreans could still have some personal life after work.It is rare for single women to have children: 1.5 per cent of births were to unmarried mothers in Korea, as compared to the overall OECD average of 36.3 per cent.A shrinking population will create a labour crisis, limiting economic development.The Korean government, attempting to increase birth rates, enforced a policy that all the lights in the ministry’s building should be turned off at 7 p.m.

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