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It is used on 3G mobile phones but can also be played on some 2G and 4G phones.3G2 (3GPP2 file format) is a multimedia container format defined by the 3GPP2 for 3G CDMA2000 multimedia services.You can open either multimedia file on a computer as well.Commercial programs will work, of course, but there are also plenty of freeware 3GP/3G2 players.This is really helpful if you're not sure which formats your device supports or which file extension the file should have in order for it to play on your specific device.You can pick from presets like Android, Xbox, PS3, Black Berry, i Pad, i Phone, and others. In most cases, an actual file format conversion using one of the methods described above must take place (a different file converter can be used for other file types like documents and images).

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Both file formats can store the same video streams but the 3GP format is considered superior because it's able to store ACC and AMR-WB audio streams.

They are good for lower end smartphones for faster streaming & download.

3GP and 3G2 are similar standards, but with some differences: Some cell phones use the .mp4 extension for 3GP video.

However, compared to 3G2, it cannot contain EVRC, 13K, and SMV/VMR audio streams.

Both 3GP and 3G2 files can be played on many different 3G mobile phones without the need for a special app.

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