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You get the same one-on-one, real-time, confidential information from a trained advocate as you do if you contact The Hotline by phone.After Silence is designed to help victims become survivors, and communicate in the recovery of sexual violence.If you are in a crisis situation we urge to contact your local rape crisis center or health care professional.Sexual assault involves a wide range of unwanted sexual behaviors that are performed against a person’s will, or when a person is unable to give consent because of their age, disability, level of intoxication, or other reasons.Our mission is to support, empower, validate, and educate survivors, as well as their families and supporters.The core of our organization is a support group, message board, and chat room where victims and survivors come together online in a mutually supportive and safe environment.Perpetrators of sexual assault may be spouses, acquaintances, friends, family members, or strangers.They may use violence, threats, coercion, manipulation, or other forms of pressure or deception to commit sexual assault. While this list isn’t exhaustive, you may be the victim of sexual assault if someone: What is consent?

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(Click here to find your time zone) “You gave me hope 🙂 Crying tears of happiness because I finally had someone listen and help me.” Reaching out for help can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never spoken to anyone about the abuse before.

Sometimes it’s hard to describe how you’re feeling out loud.

Understandably, victims may wonder about the cause of the assault, but it is important to remember that sexual assault is about power and control, not sexual orientation.

Male victims may also experience involuntary erection and/or ejaculation.

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