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I need to hear from you by phone (not text or e-mail) by am on the days that you have the children.Please be aware that if I don't, I will come and get them.In the event that is not possible for whatever reason, then the fourth day will rotate between us every other week.2) You will commit to picking up and returning the children at a certain hour/certain day, unless other arrangements have been made.3) You will not take the children outside an agreed upon mileage radius, unless I approve beforehand.4) The children will call the custodial parent every night before bed, after school (or whatever time is firmly committed to).5) Neither one of us may make significant decisions regarding vacations, parties, medical issues, etc...without discussing and obtaining the approval of the other prior to the intended date.6) I am concerned about your alcoholic intake.

On the 7th day, we will use best efforts to share the company of our children jointly.

The following is a short parental agreement that a custodial client and I drafted together to present to his mate.

Dear _____We have two wonderful children together and they deserve both of our love and attention as caring and responsible parents and adults; I know that you would not disagree.

This agreement may sound harsh to the alcoholic/addict, so be prepared for the possible back lash of anger and retaliation in some way.

They may feel it is unfair to be on such a short leash, but as trust and dependability is restored, you can always extend the length of that leash.

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