Adult dating website profile pics

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For example, profile pictures with pickup trucks are extremely popular among certain age groups.

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After all, it is vital to make a good first impression, and the way in which one grabs the attention of a potential date depends on the way in which you present yourself in your profile.In the first study of its kind, online dating experts Dating Scout investigated the types of features online daters include in their profile pictures. They used an artificial intelligence technique to scan profile pictures for around 6,000 characteristics—for example, facial expressions, pictures featuring animals, and pictures using different backgrounds.To do this, they analyzed over 22 million profile pictures from the U. One finding from this extensive study was gender differences in the ways in which people present themselves. How men present themselves As seen above, many men use pictures of themselves engaging in sporting activities or showing off prize possessions such as cars.One third of male profile pictures show men with beards, and 13% show males wearing glasses or sunglasses.However, only 5% of the pictures scanned in this study featured males who were .

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