Advice dating for single mothers double your dating price

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The chick I just got out of a relationship with (21f) has an almost 4 year old. He's at a great age and he's really well behaved. I got to have fun with him when we spent time together. That being said, I was very nervous about being with a woman that had a kid.It takes some adjustment in lifestyle and at first I was very reluctant to get super involved.Mostly because I need to solidify my career and mature a bit.But I'd never say never, if I really connected with a girl I would try to find a way to make it work I'm a m29.But now that I'm in my late 20s, finding a woman that's not a mother, especially in my area, is going to be tough. My best friend's girlfriend has a little girl who is misbehaved and very rude.I'm not nearly as fond of her as I was of my girls boy.But over time the little boy was the best part of seeing her.He made me want kids after a long time of never wanting them. I'm actually more upset at losing him from my life than her. When I was younger, like pre-25, I wouldn't have considered a woman with a kid.

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If there's an older kid, now you start having thoughts like "Am I a replacement father here? Dating a single mom either ends up being a short term fuckbuddy arrangement or an instant family.You just need to be patient when you start looking and don't feel like you owe any asshole a shot. On the flip side, I do have a few friends that dated girls who had a kid already, and they moved right into that role flawlessly.So, it is easily possible that you find someone in their mid-upper 20's who is ready. We both have kids from previous relationships that are both 3.My reasoning is that I'm not sure if I want kids yet and that would mean starting out with one before I even know if I'm going to stay around.I also love kids and they love me so if a breakup would happen I wouldn't want the kid to be more heartbroken than they already are.24 here with a beautiful INSANE 2 year old daughter.

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