Anderson cooper dating

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COOPER We want people to feel like they’re hanging out with us for a night.

For many, the thought of becoming a millionaire by writing and talking about other people appears unachievable but this is the reality of the prominent American journalist Anderson Cooper who gathered millions of dollars for conducting accurate political analysis and other vital reports on TV.

COHEN We started running into each other at the Roxy. COOPER I wouldn’t be COHEN We both knew Barry Diller, and we wound up in this group that would travel together, him and his friends. COOPER I don’t think there’s anything I’ve not discussed with him. If I’m in a dangerous place, he’ll text me something funny.

COHEN He never asked me for advice, but we did talk about it.

I brought them to Trancoso, this town I’d always heard about. COOPER That was the first time I’ve ever gotten angry at Andy. COOPER I think he was secretly about to check his watch.

It was me; my partner, Benjamin [Maisani]; a friend of ours; and Andy. We work all the —— see, he’s checking ——COHEN I’m rolling my sleeve up. My agent was in the crowd, and she was like, “You guys should take this on the road.”COHEN We looked at each other, and, immediately, were like, “Oh, my God, we can travel the country together.”COOPER We’ve done 30-something shows.

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Andy, even before he was on TV, was the life of the party. COHEN Oh, yes, from “Flashdance.” We were on the boat, it’s a very fast dance, and I was barefoot. But one of the things I don’t think Andy has gotten enough credit for is he’s been an openly gay man in this industry from the very beginning. But I told you I was going to be making a statement.

COOPER I remember going up some waterway in a slow-moving boat, talking to you, sort of entranced. That was my goal: Maybe I can crack this guy up, and that’s where we can come together. That’s the first time I remember being like, “You’re funny.”COHEN Then we would have dinner occasionally, or be at the same party. COHEN Our shows are so different, but we have commonalities because we’re both on every night. I turned to Andy and said, “I gotta go,” and, Andy, as a newsman, what was it you said? They just want you outside at some rainstorm so they can get ratings.”COOPER Needless to say, I was on the next flight out. COOPER It was more about not discussing it publicly.

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