Asset intelligence catalog not updating

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Microsoft treats all software titles uploaded to System Center Online for categorization as public information.Therefore, you should ensure that your custom software titles do not contain confidential or proprietary information.While only the Name, Publisher, Version, and Effective Quantity fields are required to contain data, all fields must be entered on the first row of the license import file.All date fields should be displayed in the following format: Month/Day/Year, for example, 08/04/2008.

You can specify exact versions for a product or specify part of the version, such as only the major version.Asset Intelligence matches the products that you specify in the general license statement by using the product name and product version, but not publisher name.You must use a product name in the general license statement that is an exact match with the product name stored in the site database.You can enable the classes on the Asset Intelligence home page, or, in the Administration workspace, in the Client Settings node, in client settings properties.Use one of the following procedures to enable the Asset Intelligence hardware inventory reporting classes.

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