Aum atichart is dating

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Pawan or Pe (Aum) was the only son of the real estate businessman.

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She tried to send message to make appointment with him, but he didn't get it because of Nian and didn't go to see her.

When Pawan's secretary took leave to give birth, Nian was assigned to work as a substitute.

Nian kept obstructing Thuma and Pawan from seeing and talking each other.

Pawan told Thuma that he wanted to marry her, so Thuma told him to wait and she would divorce her husband to be with him.

Tao came back to Thailand with Aer, his new boyfriend after he had some trouble in America. She tried to act as an innocent angel and flatter everyone who was close to Pawan, such as Panee, Pawan's aunt and his step-mother, and Pawan's secretary.

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