Azdg dating and in muslim arabic

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Men trimming the mustache growing their beards, while women wearing the hijab.

Using the right hand to eat with and the left hand for the bathroom.

While the engravings and calligraphic quotes portray the very essence of humility and submission to God, the artistry and sometimes grandeur inspires awe.

Islamic architecture is common in the following features: Islamic music is mostly played in public services.

Festivals like Eid ul-Fitr, Eid ul-Adha and Lailat al Miraj are classic examples of the influence of religion in the lives of Muslim people.

According to Muslim culture, marriage is, in the words of Mohammed, 'half of religion'.

It was taken by the Arabs to distant lands and became part of a popular culture.

While creating such spaces or places of worship, embellishment and monumentality were certainly not the predefined objectives.

The bonding of two souls in holy matrimony is looked upon as a legal bond and social contract. The abstract, decorative and floral designs are unique to Islamic art and architecture.

Muslim art is always devoid of depictions of the animate, especially human beings according to the dictates of Islam or Muslim religion.

The Quran does not mention many practices that are prevalent in the Muslim world today.

Instead, the traditions, sayings, and stories of Prophet Muhammad and his companions provided basis for today's traditions and practices that are called the Hadith.

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