Best opening lines for online dating pua

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There's no perfect opening line, but having a few funny ones or good questions in your pocket can make a big difference.

If you want to get a response, notice things in their bio or stick with questions — it's all about getting to know each other.

Because so many people think name puns are the best possible opener, and even ask the internet to help with pun ideas for various names, you can bet Alisha has already read something about putting a leash on her before and won’t be particularly impressed.

Being natural and sincere, and not trying to force anything that wasn’t meant to be, even if I was having a dry patch and writing to my first match in a week. For such situations where the alternatives are silence, or a forced attempt at making a connection, or being something you’re not. The only way such a simple opener will work as well for you as it worked for me is if the wording/style fits your character.

When it comes to Tinder, swiping right and getting a match isn’t enough!

You’ve gotta create a connection with your match by breaking the ice and having an interesting conversation.

Which may explain why I had unusually good conversations following this canned opener, from those matches that did reply.

If you have misgivings about copy paste messages, either sending or receiving, I understand completely. Feel free to leave a comment below, or visit the Swipe Helper Subreddit.

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