Bukharian jew dating

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“As soon as I’m making enough money so I don’t have to work Saturdays, I’ll keep Shabbat the way it’s supposed to be,” he said.

“It’s in my mind and my heart, but money talks.” Faced with these pressures, some immigrants are turning to the Orthodox Judaism of their grandparents to maintain their identity.

Abayev wants to get married, but first he must find a Bukharian Jewish woman who meets his parents’ approval.

Discussions can attract 100 people, Rybakov said, and dance parties nearly 500.

Mullodzhanova’s husband arrived home from synagogue, and her sisters walked over.

The married women wore shirts with high necklines and long skirts, stylish scarves covering their hair in accordance with Jewish tradition.

“When a child becomes a teen, he asks the question, ‘What does it mean to be a Bukharian Jew?

’ ” says Imonuel Rybakov, chairman of the Association of Bukharian Jewish Youth of the USA — Achdut. ’ And sometimes parents can’t explain.” For some, defining their identity means using newfound religious freedom and knowledge to rediscover their ancestors’ Orthodox Jewish past.

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