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is an international social club for adult couples and singles who have never had children. We are non-political, non-religious, and do not endorse or oppose any cause. Frequently Asked Questions We currently have active chapters in Canada, New Zealand, and the United States. Maybe another single parent will swipe right primarily because of your mutual interests.If you don’t mention your kids in your profile, Bilotta says you at least need to bring them up in your messages before your date.She advises her single-mom clients to develop a rapport with someone they're interested in before bringing up their roles as parents.

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Bilotta's theory makes sense but there are risks involved when it comes to telling strangers on the internet about your kids.

"For some people, kids are 100 percent a deal breaker so by not mentioning them, you’re wasting both of your time," she tells Elite Daily.

I mean, you wouldn't want to go out with someone who hates kids because, realistically, there's no foreseeable future with them.

Luckily, Bilotta says that there are two ways you can make this known early on.

Bilotta says, "It’s dishonest to not include your kids in your dating profile because they’re a permanent and important part of your life." Still, your dating app bio should be about you, not your kids.

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