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Available 24/7, the Sage Intelligence Knowledgebase gives you access to articles written and updated by Sage support analysts.Similar to the Sage Intelligence Reporting Community but targeted at the North American market, Sage City is your very own forum to chat to business partners and like-minded customers across the globe.A step chart is the perfect alternative to a line chart as it displays the trend as well as the time taken between changes.The difference between a Step Chart and Line Chart: A line […] Data visualisation is fast becoming the norm for effective business intelligence.Have you ever experienced your Excel charts disappearing when you hide the columns showing the data?By default, Microsoft® Excel® shows only visible data in a chart.In this tip, I’ll show you how to format a basic bar […] These Microsoft® Excel® tips and tricks are the top performing tips of 2018, and have raked up a combined viewership of over 200 000.

Row End Function Public Function row Last Col Num(worksheet Nm As String, row Num) As Integer row Last Col Num = Worksheets(worksheet Nm). Name "") On Error Go To 0 End Function Public Function w Count Sub Str(str As String, substr As String) As Integer lenstr = Len(str) lensubstr = Len(substr) For i = 1 To lenstr temp String = Mid(str, i, lensubstr) If temp String = substr Then Count = Count 1 End If Next i w Count Sub Str = Count End Function Wyman is human resources professional specialized in implementation of HR information system.

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Column row Last Col Nm = Split(Cells(1, row Last Col Num).

The chart displays the revenue generated from the produce […] A step chart shows changes that occur over irregular intervals.

For example, it can show stock movement changes, interest rates, etc.

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