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“You’ve got your drug store stuff, but that’s chock-full of chemicals.” Two years and plenty of research and development later, Barker and her friend Dr.

Carole Aponte launched Prep Cosmetics, a skincare company marketed to young women and free of harsh chemicals.

Products include body lotions, acne products, a zinc oxide-based sunscreen, and an SPF-filled moisturizers and lip gloss.

Every Prep Cosmetic product also comes with a guide (for sunscreen, acne, and Skin Care 101) that explains both how to use the products and why you’re using them to begin with.

These UVA rays make up about 95 percent of the UV exposure we receive each day.

Each day we are exposed to UVA rays and over time this adds up to wrinkly, leathery skin and can ultimately lead to skin cancer.

There are studies showing a direct link between oxybenzone and octinoxate contributing to coral bleaching.

These chemicals, even in a very small amount, are harming oceans and ocean life, so I can only imagine what they are doing to the human body.

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How did you get your kids to understand the importance of daily SPF?

I had a whiteboard session to show them how the sun shines down on us each and every day — yes, I am a nerd — and we continue to have open discussions about the direct link between daily healthy habits and overall wellness.

Since we’ve made it part of our morning routine, it’s just like clockwork now.

Can you explain “the dot method” PREP Cosmetics teaches in their Sun Guide?

To my knowledge, we are the first and only skincare line that actually teaches a consumer why you need to use the product, when to use the product, and how to use the product.

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