Datagridview updating database dating for greeks

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For the fact that I didn't have mounds of data and different tables to use, I felt Data Table was sufficient for my use of this program.

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Count - 1) As Data Row For i As Integer = 0 To Removed Rows. If someone could help me adjust this so when I add rows of information to the Data Grid View or edit the rows, and have the SQL file actually receive the changes/updates, I'd appreciate it.Here is my code: Now, what I'm not sure about is 1 thing I changed from one of the tutorials, was that they used a dataset rather than a datatable, but as I understand it, other than a dataset being able to hold multiple table structures, there's no differences in pulling the data or updating it.I want the user to be able to add, update and delete rows of information.I've manually created 1 row of information in the SQL database just to avoid in 'catches' when the program is loaded.

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