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The attempts at erotically amusing situations are all at approximately the preteen level.

Watching this show you would have to wonder if any of the writers or producers had ever actually had sex, let alone a relationship.

As an older man, I could identify with Casey's attraction to Alexa and I thought the sex was well integrated as the relationship went from lust to love. I usually like historical action stories, but this was a great change of pace for me. I stuck with it for a long time before I finally realized that I could be reading something I enjoyed! This book had the typical Kindle book issues -- missing words, poor formatting making it difficult to grasp who is saying what, etc.

Courtney Cox is such a beauty and such a rare talent, it is positively painful to watch it all go to waste here in this pilot episode.

Puerile story lines; superficial characters; no interesting or original content whatsoever. Which makes it all the more disappointing to watch.

First, the author calls it a contemporary romance which is wrong. As for a man turning down an attractive woman--pure fantasy.

The average 50-year-old woman is NOT rich, gorgeous, and mistaken for 10-15 years younger with all the men panting after her. If the author had EVER spent time around military people she wouldn't have used outdated cliches and created a caricature of a military man. I was hoping to read something different and refreshing instead of the tired old romance formula once again. I like true contemporary romances that don't use the formula and sometimes things don't work out. I doubt the author has ever dealt with widowers either.

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