Dating an agnostic

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Atheists overwhelmingly favor same-sex marriage (92%) and legal abortion (87%).

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But the Cooperative Institutional Research Program at UCLA has found that a growing number of college freshmen identify themselves like Barry once did – as agnostics, atheists or non-religious.And roughly half of all atheists (54%) frequently feel a deep sense of wonder about the universe, up from 37% in 2007. Only about one-in-ten atheists (9%) say they do at least weekly, while roughly two-thirds (65%) say they seldom or never discuss their views on religion with religious people.By comparison, 26% of those who have a religious affiliation share their views at least once a week with those who have other beliefs; 43% say they seldom or never do.But others – John, the music store manager, his calculus teacher, and the father of his friend – were all Christians Barry knew who did. Deep doubts and questions – both about his own morality and God’s existence – stirred in his heart.Barry went on a search for truth, and even began praying, God, if You exist, prove Yourself to me.

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