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Almost bought it myself but just don't need another bow..:) Jim Pete, My memory fails me on this one's name..maybe GAMESTER?Red glass on the back.tip overlays.string but straight without any blemishes.Around here, when you run into old bows at the flea markets and auctions, they are probably 80% Pearson and Shakespeare. wide light red strip with a small strip on each side though center of handle 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 inch brace height 4 3/4 inch sight window $ 45 Ben, that is not my mercury(i wish it was! That has got to be the heaviest bow quiver out there. Your data describes my H-90 well I will retain it for reference. The grip and shelf are quite beefy but my hand nests well.If you dont cant your bow you will after shooting with that quiver on your bow, lol. Bow balances and points easily and speed seems very good with the D-97 string.Well, I went down and visited the old fellow who has the junk shop this AM.. I paid 35.00 for it so now have another bow that may help a new archer get started..I HATE IT WHEN MY MEMORY DOESN'T WORK..:) The bow is Ben Pearson 'GAMESTER'.beneath that 7388 Black glass back & face. Shucks a fellow can hardly pass on a 35.00 recurve in fine condition..:) Just have to make a string for it and wax it up and redo the arrow plate-shelf a tad.

John Doc, From what I can find, the 7388 BPH-90, was made in 19, in basically the same woods and colors.

It was a variation of the Hunter model that came about in 1966 as the 709 Hunter.

They are a bit trimmer than the 709, which was all zebrawood. stagetek, Pearson probably sold as many bows as Bear, but most were lower line models, and were much cheaper to buy.

Jim Sailor, that's a 1962 model per their catalogs, but like Bear, Pearson's catalogs and their bow runs didn't happen at the same time (month), so that could make late 62, or a very early 63.

Those Mustangs are wonderful shooters, I had one that was 60", and looked like yours.

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