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Once I settled into the pace of the puff, I found it to be a agreeable smoke.

It is mild and pleasant in aroma, but after 4 bowls I never quite got the flavor of the Virginia that I was hoping for.

I recently got back into smoking pipe tobacco again, I only smoked cigars for about a year, but I'm back now and this was the first thing I picked up to get me back into it. I used to only smoke aromatics but I think all the cigars made me not like the cased/chemical taste in them now, so I'm sticking to Virginias this time around.

This is at best a two and a half star blend at best.

Pipe Used: Boswell hunter Age When Smoked: Fresh When smoking aromatics, I tend toward those that are blended with some Cavendish, so I needed to work through a few bowls with an understanding that the pace of the puff and the underlying flavors would resemble more or a straight Virginia/Burley blend.

This particular blend of finely cut, light and dark brown tobacco consists of Virginia and Burley.

The scent from the tin is indeed quite near to a bag of Cracker Jacks! Satisfying." Considering the overt caramel scent it actually has a fairly mild flavouring.

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