Dating fender stratocaster neck

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Hi, I'm trying to date a Squier and all references on the web say "refer to the Fender serial number dating service". ) Also, is there anything in the number that can indicate a more specific date? In general, Squiers do not follow Fender dating rules, but an E6 MIJ Squier would be somewhere around 84-87, IIRC.

I don't recall my number, but I have it written down somewhere. But is there anything you could point me to for a reference?

This tells me this particular neck was made September 13th, 1985.

Unfortunately the neck pocket of the body on mine is less revealing...there is a hand written "SST" which seems to indicate "Squier Stratocaster" and there is a "BLK" which would seem to indicate the original color (and this body is certainly "black") but not much else.

This leads to the question of when this guitar was actually "assembled" or more specifically what year was it sold?

The beautiful thing about Fenders is that they are so "modular" but the bad thing about them is that...are so modular, LOL!

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