Dating for money

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Having paid you hard cash, the person may mistreat you and devise ways to force you to pay back not only the original amount he paid, but something over and above that!Moreover, the site is not committed to keeping your address unknown to the other party, nor does it emphasize meeting in public places only. As long as you are attractive, you are allowed to go ahead.If your finances are stretched, then speak honestly about the financial situation.The solution is not to get another line of credit to keep up the lifestyle until you end up in bankruptcy.

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If you are dating someone and living independently of each other, then a shared income is out of the equation.

Hopefully, the information above prove somewhat helpful in making up your mind if you decide to go ahead and sign up!

Money can be a very contentious issue when you’re dating, and money can be the main cause for a relationship breakup, whether through a disparity between the people in the relationship or a complete lack of funds.

She knew that he was well-off financially so she took his offer for coffee and turned it into a steak lunch.

There’s no bigger turn off for me than someone looking for a free ride (pardon the pun).

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