Dating greeting cards

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Sources: Alamond Photography Shai Lynn Photography Alamond Photography Take your pictures at a Christmas tree farm or use a mini tree as the perfect prop for a photo shoot with the little ones. Sources: Rebekah Westover Photography K Stevenson Photo Renee Hindman Didn’t I tell you we found something for EVERYONE? We are so grateful for these wonderfully talented photographers who captured the magic of Christmas so beautifully!

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Valentine., a book of verses that offered assistance to the inarticulate and was issued as early as 1669.

By 1800 hand-painted copperplates by such artists as Francesco Bartolozzi were in demand.

Lots of families are scheduling their family pictures right now, which makes it the PERFECT time to get ahead of the game.

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Share the joy and the new additions, the accomplishments and the successes in your life with a little help from Mpix.

The imprinted messages on cards may vary in length from a brief word or two to 100 words or more in prose or verse. During the 18th and early 19th centuries, copperplate engravers produced prints and calendars for the new year, and greetings by organizations, merchants, and tradesmen were common. The custom was introduced to England by the Romans and continued through the Christian era.

In order to adapt the practice to Christianity, the church transferred it to the feast of St.

Sources: Lana Sky Drew B Photography You don’t need an authentic-looking Santa Claus to get the perfect holiday photos. If you still can’t seem to find a design that speaks to you, there’s also Shutterfly.

Just incorporating Santa’s hand, legs, or hat adds a fun Christmas-y element. They have about a bazillion holiday card templates and they even come with envelopes! We definitely want to give credit where credit is due.

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