Dating guys with beards

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And of course, there’s the in-between of embracing stubble.

Stubble, which was long dismissed as simply a lazy long-weekend look, has recently become acceptable in the workplace.

Beards are on-trend right now and there’s hardly a guy who hasn’t at least dabbled in growing one.

However as a grooming writer, I repeatedly hear question, do women actually like beards?

• Invest in quality shaving equipment that will reduce skin irritations associated with shaving.• Make shaving an enjoyable ritual complete with shaving brush and aftershave.Consider your beard hair growth (some guys find they have patchy or irregular facial hair), facial shape and whether it contributes to or distracts from your overall personal style.If you want to grow or update your beard:• Learn how to shape it. • Keep it short and structured.• Consider embracing stubble rather than a full beard.If he had a ZZ Top beard, I might have another opinion.However, I absolutely love his beard, to the point that I cried once when he had to shave it off for a graduate school interview.

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