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These oils can potentially react with the metal of your timepiece or enter it and interfere with the delicate balance of oils within your watch.

Water or Other Fluids Do not expose your vintage watch to water or other fluids.

Many vintage timepieces were not equipped with gaskets to prevent exposure to moisture, worse than water is exposure to steam.

Battery-powered watches should not be left unused for extended periods of time — a battery should be replaced or removed before they burst or leak, which can cause serious damage to the watch movement. Most people generally wind their watch completely each morning before putting it on their wrist. A watch with an automatic or self-winding movement does not require winding, but can also be wound manually if desired (instructions for how to wind an automatic watch will be detailed in the next section).

These watches possess a rotor or bumper mechanism that will move and automatically wind the watch as you wear it over the course of the day. Manual-Wind Timepieces Place the crown (winder) between your thumb and forefinger.

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