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When Al-Monitor reported the transfer of route clearance equipment to Syria in June, he said it would “assist the SDF in successfully retaking the last remaining [IS-held] territory in Syria.” “Ensuring that the SDF are sufficiently equipped has been critical to the SDF’s hard-fought campaign to liberate the Middle Euphrates River Valley from [IS] control,” he said last month.“The [Defense] department will always exercise effective and efficient use of the train-and-equip funding appropriated by Congress.” Experts said the equipment may help the SDF further diminish IS, which beefed up its urban defenses with car bombs, booby traps and other battlefield hazards.It’s first a question of the wolf at the door and then the wolf across the border.” As Iraq looks to beef up its counterinsurgency operations against IS, and US forces take on more of a training mission, Ambassador Fareed Yasseen said the US troop and equipment presence in Iraq remains to be seen.“It will certainly mean more American troops if we get American equipment,” Yasseen said.As a result, many soldiers and contractors now complain about breathing difficulties and headaches. Department of Veterans Affairs determined that toxins in burn pit smoke may affect the skin, eyes, respiratory and cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, and internal organs.

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In the event that you were exposed to a burn pit and you now suffer health problems, notify your doctor.

Let your doctor determine the long term effects of burn pit exposures.

Yasseen said Iraq will likely see an “internationalization of the Western military presence that’s there in support of Iraqi military capabilities.” That includes a new NATO training operation led by Canadian Gen. The US-led coalition fighting in Iraq told the Pentagon’s inspector general last month that training of Iraqi forces “is of a basic nature” and does not fit US definitions of counterinsurgency instruction.

Though the president visited US troops at al-Asad air base in December, he did not meet with Iraqi officials.

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