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Doreen Ingrams, the author of The Awakened: Women in Iraq, stated it was a time when women's help was needed.In particular, a woman called Amina bint Qais "at the age of seventeen was the youngest woman to lead a medical team in one of these early battles." A story featured in One Thousand and One Nights involves Tawaddud, “a slave girl who was said to have been bought at great cost by Harun al-Rashid because she had passed her examinations by the most eminent scholars in astronomy, medicine, law, philosophy, music, history, Arabic grammar, literature, theology and chess”. Among the most prominent female figures was a scholar named Shuhda, who was known as “the Pride of Women” during the twelfth century in Baghdad. The...i'm a very open minded.i'm single .i have big passion for nature .i like to find someone to talk to and listen to each other .it's always nice to meet new people who have same interesting things and...The status of women in Iraq at the beginning of the 21st century is affected by many factors: wars (most recently the Iraq War), sectarian religious conflict, debates concerning Islamic law and Iraq's Constitution, cultural traditions, and modern secularism.

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With the departure of the Mongols a succession of Persian rivalries followed until 1553, when the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman captured Baghdad and its provinces, which became parts of the Turkish empire.For youth aged 15–24 years, the literacy rate is 80% for young women, and 85% for young men.Girls are less likely than boys to continue their education beyond the primary level, and their enrollment numbers drop sharply after that.To appreciate women's achievements in this society, it is important to look at the history of their position in the society and how wars and successions in dynasties and governments have affected women's roles.During the seventh century the lamas as a part of their conquest were fighting the Persians, who were defeated.

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