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One advantage to an arranged marriage can be that the couple may fully grasp that it will take real effort to establish an emotionally intimate relationship with this stranger, handpicked or not.

The danger in all of these approaches comes when people feel forced to put up a false front for the suitor—or for their own families.

When do you call/text a person after you just saw them?

You have sites like Txtwar, which "strategically" tell you the best time to contact someone -- all based on different factors like physical appearance and how much you like the person -- but there's no accurate blanket statement for everyone. If the person seems as into you as you are them, then why hold back?

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Instead of turning to one another during the courtship period, couples would turn to family members for counsel in vetting the potential match.In fact, the word courting is used in some contemporary settings as a sarcastic commentary to avoid pressure around dating.The Urban Dictionary uses the follow dialogue to explain this use: Social media and the widespread use of internet dating sites have compressed the amount of time devoted to the getting-to-know-you process.The result is that their more complicated inner selves, personal issues, and needs are not revealed.When that is the case, disillusionment is around the corner.

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