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Kirra Cheers, a photographer from Brooklyn, recently set out to document her trials and tribulations using Tinder, a wildly popular app that allows users to approve or deny potential mates based on a small number of pictures and a short bio.

Cheers went on 17 Tinder dates over the course of two months, and she photographed many of them.

You want to show at least three of them in your photos. How I work I’m a candid photographer which means I observe and capture what I see.A corporate head shot doesn’t really tell them anything about yourself.Attraction lays in articulation You might meet someone and feel very attracted to that person.It is difficult to capture this in a photograph especially if it is posed and you’re sitting still. Quality photographs will stand out instantly as most dating profiles have very average photos.But because the way I shoot captures you mid motion doing what you love, I manage to capture at least a bit of that motion that can make you attractive to others. It will also show that you value quality and are happy to invest into your best asset: yourself.

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