Dating pre sell pages

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For the affiliates who are interested in focusing on , mobile is definitely worth of trying.They will get more volumes and these GEO’s are easier to monetize.Tablets and Smartphones used to be treated as one in the past. was the first month ever where mobile usage passed desktop, according to internet monitoring, where the combined traffic from mobile and tablet devices reached 51.2% compared to desktop access which was 48.7%, marking this the first time ever since the beginning of the tracking stats for internet usage. Reports from Similar Web are showing that in the last month, September of 2017, from total of 264.0B online visitors worldwide, traffic share between desktop and mobile was: 33.77% for desktop and 66.23% for mobile.

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And even if audience can be exposed for certain ads at that time, there is a possibility that they will not be so much interested into buying anything or filling the ordering form over small screen, just because they are not “in a mood for it” while doing casual things and chilling.

Since Zetaniche is always opened for both, direct site owners and affiliates who are working with other traffic channels, it is very important that we mention that affiliates who are owning a website need to optimize their site for all devices.

, with regularly positioned ad spots, in order to take the most out of the promoting certain offers.

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