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Our Solutions Our focus is simple: Develop innovative software solutions designed to satisfy the needs of technical communicators, learning & development professionals, instructional designers and content strategists.

Learn More Whether you are a technical author or content developer preparing Mad Cap Flare projects for translation, or you’re a translator managing translation projects, Mad Cap Lingo offers a streamlined workflow to manage the translation process – including the packaging of files, the creation and use of translation memories, project reporting and more.

Mad Cap Lingo makes it easy to translate your content.

A superior workflow lets you import a variety of file types, avoid out-of-project file transfers, integrate features such as translation memory, and produce accurate project statistics, estimates, and reports.

You can use Mad Cap Lingo as a CAT tool, as a translation management solution, or both.

download madcap lingo workflow diagram Termbases ensure consistency across the terminology in your project.

The content in this message set is structured around five content pillars: Overview of Deliverables The messages will be handed over to the translators in English and need to be translated into the other 10 official South African languages.

The translations should be simple to understand and relatable.

For on-the-spot currency conversion during your travels, print off a custom reference card for every destination currency.

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Here are some suggestions for handling your TM: Every database needs a periodic cleanup.

It is simply the nature of databases that, after a while, things happen.

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