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Title: Logline: Grounded sci-fi drama with time travel elements. Writers: Ryan Belenzon, Jeffrey Gelber Genre: Thriller Agency: WME Management: Syndicate Entertainment Buyer: Paramount Pictures Date: 6/13/2018. Title: Logline: About the first fully, 3D-printed man and his search for identity and love.

Writer: Jared Moshe Genre: Science Fiction Drama Agency: ICM Partners Management: Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment Buyer: Paramount Pictures Date: 6/4/2018. Writer: Scott Speer Genre: Science Fiction Drama Agency: UTA Management: Artists First Buyer: Mandalay Pictures Date: 6/12/2018 Notes: Option deal.21.

Title: Logline: A British businessman helps the CIA penetrate the Soviet nuclear program during the Cold War.

He and his Russian source provide crucial intelligence that ends the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Title: Logline: A cultural coming-of-age story about a career-driven Latina American during her “double quinceañera” — celebrated at age 30 because she missed having her first quinceñera at 15.

She invites her parents, best friends, and brazen married cousin to a work trip disguised as a double quince, inviting trouble that could jeopardize her job and her relationships.

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To make the blog’s list, there almost always has to be some sort of article in the press verifying a deal, but even then that can get dicey because the term “spec script” is itself rather amorphous in meaning.

In the broadest terms, it applies to any deal made for a script written ‘speculatively,’ that is for no fees, just the writer’s own sweat equity with the hope of making a sale.

Seems simple enough, but there is a lot of gray area: There is no way to determine by any objective standard the precise number of spec script deals in any given year.

Title: Logline: Michael Redmayne is forced to hunt down and kill his clones after they desert the war they were created to fight, in order to wage one of their own against the Corporate State that made them.

Writer: Adam Alleca Genre: Science Fiction Action Agency: N/A Management: N/A Buyer: Millennium Films Date: 3/14/2018.7.

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