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Though the rocket has yet to leave the pad, it's been a wild ride for what will eventually become NASA's first new crew vehicle in almost four decades. An operational date for the core vehicle is requested for December 31, 2016.Last year, we chronicled the story of SLS and Orion in our Horizon Goal series, and checked in on the programs' development during our 10-day Rocket Road Trip through the Southern U. For this latest addition to the story, I compiled a timeline of the major twists and turns SLS and Orion have taken as they attempt to send humans beyond low-Earth orbit for the first time since 1972. On Capitol Hill, Florida Congressman Bill Nelson reveals the design of the Space Launch System.At the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, Louisiana, the Vertical Assembly Center, which is used to weld SLS fuel tanks, opens for business.But a tower misalignment is soon discovered, prompting repairs and contributing to an internal SLS launch date slip from December 2017 to July 2018.Internal and external audits estimated a development cost of billion through that mission, including Orion and ground systems infrastructure.NASA announces the European Space Agency will provide Orion's service module, which provides the capsule with power and propulsion.Sure, NASA in the 1960's had more money, but NASA in the 2010's has the already-existing technology. Ares development fed directly into SLS development (and both started with Shuttle components as their starting points), they didn't throw away the Ares plans and start SLS totally from scratch.So there's a not-insane argument to be made that cancelling Constellation did very little to really cancel Ares, it just changed the name and a bit of the general layout.

(Maybe Orion-Ares I would be up by now, but at the expense of uncrewed cargo launches and/or commercial crew vehicle development.Members of Congress and NASA Administrator Charles Bolden unveil the Space Launch System design in September 2011. "We're about to—the administrator of NASA, Charlie Bolden, is about to—announce the most powerful rocket in history," said Nelson, as Bolden waited for his turn to speak.Bill Gerstenmaier, then the director of NASA's space operations directorate, said a test flight would occur at the end of 2017.A NASA Office of Inspector General report warns that SLS, Orion and ground systems are effectively out of cost and schedule margin.The report also reveals NASA and Boeing were forced to change the way the rocket's liquid oxygen tanks are welded together, causing more delays.

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