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A quick pinch and glance in the mirror confirms that I am definitely not dead, the momentary chill of fear replaced by the rock-solid knowledge that this woman's experiences, while undoubtedly true for her, are very far indeed from universal. "Overweight widow, 44, recovering alcoholic, many dependents, no qualifications, erratic income, little interest in material possessions, likes being alone a lot, runs mildly chaotic household with expensive demanding kids and huge smelly dogs.

That it's all about perception -- starting with self-perception. Seeks Mr Perfect." "Independent self-employed writer, 44, bohemian in outlook, loves kids, animals and nature, lives by the sea in blissful contentment. Both are completely true, apart from the Mr Perfect bit, because I know from long, hard, fortysomething experience that he does not exist. This is not meant as a profile-writing tutorial for internet dating -- at this stage, I think we all know how to do that, given that it's the second most common way of meeting potential partners after introductions by friends -- but as a way of showing how self-perception is all, and how you can project negatively or positively, depending on how you feel about yourself.

Many men are not as short-sighted as the ones who get blinded by youth; the pay-off with older women is that we rarely, if ever, want (or are still young enough) to go off down the baby-making path again.

Been there, done that, and now it's time to enjoy our kids growing up, rather than starting from scratch again.

Avidan and Wecht announced their tour on Twitter today: We're coming to Europe/UK in October & November with @TWRPband and @planetbooty!

"Young women, whilst physically attractive, have little conversation, appalling taste in music, want to go out clubbing and have kids," he explains.

Here's how it begins: "As a divorced woman the wrong side of 45 with a brace of kids, I am a plankton on the food chain of sexuality and the prospect of a relationship." She believes that while divorced men have the world at their feet, divorced women of the same age are destined for a lifetime of loneliness, celibacy, being pityingly sat near SFAR men at dinner parties (SFAR stands for Single For A Reason, which generally translates as hideous) and generally being relegated to the status of social pariah/sympathy figure.

"Men have an odd notion of a woman's life post-divorce, that soon enough it will be all dinner parties and divorced men," she writes. As well as embarrassing and desperate." Adding that she may well live for another 40-odd years without forming another romantic relationship, she equates this with living death: "Women die long before they actually die." The blog was picked up by a host of newspapers for, as far as I can see, two reasons.

I read another post from The Plankton, which confirms that yes, being single, middle aged and female does mean already being dead: "It's pitch black in my bedroom when I turn my light out, and completely silent," she writes.

"Sometimes, difficult nights, with no one beside me any more, and never again being a very real possibility, I feel I am already in my coffin." Wow, I think. Luckily, within seconds, normal transmission resumes inside my head.

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