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Launched in 2012, Tinder addresses the social and physical barriers to forming new friendships and relationships.

The company is owned by Inter Active Corp (IAC), an American Internet and media company, which also owns more than 150 brands and products (including –,,, Vimeo, Investopedia, College Humor, Match, Ok Cupid, Meetic, Twoo, Plenty Of Fish, etc.).

Tinder has a unique selling proposition of connecting users with strangers which they wouldn’t have normally met, rather than connecting with people a user already knew.

This, being a new thing in 2013-14, brought many new users to the application.

Even the most particular of men will be pleased to find that MQI is as concerned as they are regarding the quality of the relationships we work to bring about. Our dating services which are nationwide take an eminently professional approach as to how we go about our business.

Tinder, just like Snapchat, has smartly camouflaged the sponsored content/advertisements to its usual interface to make it look less intruding.These profiles play a very important role in the business model of tinder.Tinder is a local based social search application which suggests different users to a person based on his/her location and interests. List of prospective matches based on geographical location, number of mutual friends, and common interests are suggested to a user who is asked to swipe right to like and left to dislike the suggested profile and continue the search.The company’s years of experience working with and satisfying some of the most exacting men have taught us that while the importance of good looks is beyond question, relationships must be based on more than just physical attraction for them to be truly successful and long-lasting.To this end, our professional dating services agencies nationwide conduct multi-step screening and evaluative procedures to ensure that when men come to us for help with dating” model type” women, they can see that our clients are top caliber in other ways as well.

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