Dating site for people with handicaps

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Even with these new found opportunities, sexual pleasure for disabled people remained unspoken of.Having a disability may sometimes create an emotional or psychological burden for the disabled person.Commonly, people with disabilities lack comprehensive sex education that would assist in their sexual lives.This roots from the idea that disabled people are asexual in nature and are not sexually active.The review of history on sexuality in philosophy, religion, and science leads to the modern day views on sexuality and disability.Religious institutions were the first entities to combat sexuality.They may feel inhibition about pursuing relationships, fearing rejection on the basis that they have a disability.

With the normalization of sex, pleasure became the main focus.Many disabled people embody a fear of being rejected due to the way they look.This hypersensitivity causes the disabled individual to keep interactions platonic.Author of Sex and Disability Robert Mc Ruer studied a disabled man.Mc Ruer gave insight on the individuals sexual and non-sexual encounters.

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