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It was incredibly boring (although I wrote a fic, so hey ho!

) and I thought about the boredom Strike and Robin would face on stakeouts.

)I have also been heavily inspired by a wonderful image created by Roissy on here, with permission from author/artist, I would urge you to check out and search for with no regrets by Roissy for the image which inspired one of the chapters.....

Norte, a PSD Deputy of the Assembly of the Portuguese Republic for Faro has asked the Government to revisit the number of petrol stations which will be open and prepared for the strike.

Robert Galbraiths Strike & David Weber's Honor Harrington series.

I particularly like the Treecats in Honor so they are a major part of this Fan Fic Neither Cormoran nor Robin had ever acknowledged that they’d met one another long before that fateful encounter on the staircase at Denmark Street.

A couple more rather more 'E' rated chapters will follow, but I am using 'E' as general rating due to the Strike- like language throughout.

For those of you who have read I am no Bird....Colonel returns (sort of!

Strike gets in bother with his ladyfriend and ends up getting slapped and drinking with Robin instead......sigh!When the partners receive separate invitations to Vanessa and Oliver's Wedding, each with a 'plus one' on it, further complications and misunderstandings ensue. ” It’s not the question she’s been anticipating and it’s her turn to suddenly tense.Any residual languor or sleepiness desert her, her heart starts pounding in her chest…The question is like an uppercut straight to the plexus.So, I was stuck for an hour and a half in a non-moving traffic jam on my way back from holidays and this idea has been in my head for a bit, and I have never done one of these scenarios where Robin and Strike have to quickly assume a decoy as if they are together.

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