Dating technology age dating kerry carlton

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Since time immemorial, human beings have lusted, loved, bonded, betrayed and broken up.

Culture and religion have mediated the ways in which these perennial dramas play out — telling us who we can and cannot mate with, how many loves we may have, and whether we’re allowed to walk away, but more recently, technology has transformed the world of dating and mating.

What constitutes an affair, when an illicit relationship may not involve an exchange of kisses but an exchange of nude pics?

Does a Snapchat with a stranger count as cheating in the same way as the old-fashioned romp in a motel room?

You no longer even need to leave home in order to stray — you can have an affair while lying next to your partner in bed.

The Internet has made sex “accessible, affordable, and anonymous,” as the late researcher Al Cooper pointed out in his book Sex and the Internet.

“Simmering,” another variation, keeps a person hanging, with meetings postponed and more excuses.

The process of mate selection has been democratized.

Many singles feel empowered by dating sites to proactively seek a partner in a way they might not feel comfortable doing at a bar or café.

The swiping culture lures us with infinite possibilities, but it also exerts a subtle tyranny. “What if there is someone better suited for me out there?

The constant awareness of ready alternatives invites unfavorable comparisons, weakens commitment and prevents us from enjoying the present moment. ” Many young people today live in a state of chronic self-doubt and FOMO (fear of missing out).

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