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Befriending clients is inevitable for me, especially those I’ve connected.

I hosted a huge singles event with the Columbus Blue Jackets last spring, and a couple I introduced (who are now married) came to the event together just to say hello.

Everyone needs love, and so there’s a reason why certain people are gonna need people like Nicci Sprouse.

Despite the wellspring of dating apps and websites over the last decade, Sprouse has remained unplugged, searching for love offline for the city’s most connected individuals.

I'm a laid back former hippie from the good old days, and a retired college professor seeking fun and human connection and life's pleasures.

I am a gentle, caring, sensitive, and unselfish man,...

outgoing, affectionate, open-minded, fit, financially independent, etc.).

This list should be very long, detailed and consist of positive characteristics.

By creating this list you’re self-actualizing what it is you want, and for those who understand the law of attraction it can bring you one step closer.

My romantic life is just like everyone else’s, actually.

Although, I have learned it’s best to leave my dating advice/relationship expert/introduction service owner’s hat at the office each night.

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