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Where he will meet several cute girls who all have multiple endings.

#5 Sunrider Academy You play the role of Kayto Shields, who is the vice president of Sunrise Academy and also the school club manager.

Before my daughter starting going to school, I had no idea how big of a deal “lunch” was. These school lunches use a bento style reusable container. I love the variety of options and the healthy food choices.

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#9 Clannad Clannad’s visual novel is a beautifully illustrated piece of art.

Where this game has multiple endings and a branching plot line.

#8 If My Heart Had Wings You play the role of Aoi a member of the cycling club from his previous school, but injured his legs and goes back to his hometown.

Back to School: School Lunches Your Kids Will Actually Eat.

Need some mom advice for quick and easy back to school lunches for your kids?

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