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Scripts can be rated, discussed through community features and even translated to many common and not-so-common languages.

Synopsis: In Frank Capra's acclaimed romantic comedy, spoiled heiress Ellie Andrews (Claudette Colbert) impetuously marries the scheming King Westley, leading her tycoon father (Walter Connolly) to spirit her away on his yacht. Somebody'sgotta take it in.(he turns to someoneelse)Fredericks!

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is a huge collection of movie scripts, screenplays and transcripts from famous and not-so-famous screen writers from around the world — collaboratively published by amateur script writers and contributing editors.

Navigate through our scripts database alphabetically or simply search by keywords.

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CHARACTERS: FOREMAN: A small, petty man who is impressed with the authority he has and handles himself quiteformally. Easily swayedand usually adopts the opinion of the last person to whom he has spoken. 3: A very strong, very forceful, extremely opinionated man within whom can be detected a streakof sadism. He is a practiced speaker who presents himself wellat all times.

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FADE IN: Part One The HARBOR at Miami Beach FADES IN, providingquick VIEWS of yachts, aquaplanes, and luxurious ship-craftlying at anchor in the calm, tranquil waters of tropical Florida. She ought to like this.(to the guard)Open the door.

This dissolves to the NAME PLATE on the side of ayacht, reading "ELSPETH II," and this in turn to a YACHTCORRIDOR where a steward is standing in front of a cabindoor, near a small collapsible table upon which there is atray of steaming food. A heavy-set sailor stands guard near the cabindoor. GUARD:(without moving)Who's gonna take it in to her?

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