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There's a limit of 1000 software updates in a deployment.

When you create an automatic deployment rule (ADR), you specify whether to use an existing update group or create a new update group each time the rule runs.

They can use it to commit crimes in your name or sell it on the dark web to enable others to commit crimes.

If it’s a ransomware attack, they might encrypt your data.

If you share the same database, it significantly mitigates, but doesn't completely eliminate, the client and the network performance impact that you might experience when clients switch to a new software update point.

A delta scan still occurs when a client switches to a new software update point that shares a database with the old software update point, but the scan is much smaller than it would be if the WSUS server has its own database.

When the Configuration Manager and WSUS databases share the same instance of SQL Server, you can't easily determine the resource usage between the two applications.

It downloads the terms during the synchronization process and stores them on the local hard drive for the WSUS server.

If you don't select this setting, client computers might fail compliance scans for software updates that have license terms.

Use different SQL Server instances for Configuration Manager and WSUS.

This configuration makes it easier to troubleshoot and diagnose resource usage issues that might occur for each application.

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