Designer file not updating visual studio 2016

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Yep, that post (thread) is dealing with the same problem (or at least a similar one).

Thanks for finding it ( I'd searched this forum, but didn't know about that one ...

We've streamlined the installation and update experience to make it easier to use directly from within the IDE.

Here's how to update from version 15.6 and later to newer versions of Visual Studio.

The writer of this column should note in the beginning that this does not work in newer versions of VS.

If you follow this procedure, you will delete your .designer file.

In my time developing with both WPF and UWP, I’ve found the XAML designer to be fairly buggy, with things not updating as I expect, or reporting errors where there are none.

designer file not updating visual studio 2016-24

While making minor changes to a UWP project, I found that one of my XAML files would no longer show anything in the designer.

The obvious thing to do, therefore, was to rebuild the project, but I just ended up with the same error. After some searching online, I finally came across a solution that worked, which involved clearing the shadow cache.

The following is taken from Jasper Hedegaard Bojsen’s answer at __________________________________________________________________ I’ve seen this issue go away by clearing the Xaml Design Shadow Cache.

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2017 UPDATE: if you are looking how to use Share Point Designer 2013 with Share Point Online / 2016, then please check out : “There is no Share Point Designer 2016, but you can still use Share Point Designer 2013“.

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