Diabetes dating site uk

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Many people wonder when is the right time to share with a significant (or potentially significant) other about life with diabetes.In honor of Valentine’s Day we reached out to a few friends to hear what they had to say.On a drive to a mutual friend’s birthday I gave him a complete beginner’s course to type 1 diabetes and got his feedback on the pump.

As soon as someone knows my name and they spend any time with me, they find out about my passion for health, for diabetes empowerment and for physical fitness.

I wasn’t an advocate, I didn’t like anyone to know I had diabetes, I wasn’t on an insulin pump or CGM, and I did as little as possible to manage my diabetes.

I spent three months hiding my insulin injections from him by doing them in the bathroom.

Diabetes is a 24 hours a day, seven days a week commitment that never gives you a break.

My wife has been more than supportive of my diabetes from day one and whether she likes it or not, diabetes plays a role in everything that we do as a family.” – “It inevitably comes up in the first hour when I test my blood sugar, pull out my pump, or tell them what I do since I work for a diabetes company.

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