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If you want to have some hot sex sessions with horny strangers in public places, then Come Dogging is the Dogging Site for you!We have lots of members looking for fellow exhibitionists who want to join them for sexual encounters in parks, car parks, lay-bys and other areas where people can watch them and join the fun too.But you are of course welcome just to turn up and take the risk of of a meeting or disappointment. Equally if you know that a dogging spot has closed then also then please send them to me on twitter to feature.

Use Come Dogging on your mobile to arrange kinky sessions on the move.So we recommended finding out the latest dogging sites from other doggers.There have been a number of different classifications of counties within the U. Which ‘county’ a town is in depends on which definition of county you are using.This is a true story that happened to us a month ago , we always go to Moscow each year to see my wife's friends and family we always book an hotel there so we can have some sexy fun , anyway on the first Monday we were there the wife wanted to go to the local market to get some food for her mother something a bit speical to her suprize the butcher at the stall she went too was run by a young man she went to school with , he always had had a cru… Not all will be outdoors, we will be adding known places wherever they are.

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