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New work from University of Wisconsin-Madison geologist Brad Singer and his colleagues finds that the most recent field reversal, some 770,000 years ago, took at least 22,000 years to complete.The new analysis -- based on advances in measurement capabilities and a global survey of lava flows, ocean sediments and Antarctic ice cores -- provides a detailed look at a turbulent time for Earth's magnetic field.In modern times every exchange is based on an agreement that is enforceable by law is contract.There are many types of contracts that people enter into.And every several hundred thousand years or so, the magnetic field dramatically shifts and reverses its polarity: Magnetic north shifts to the geographic South Pole and, eventually, back again.This reversal has happened countless times over the Earth's history, but scientists have only a limited understanding of why the field reverses and how it happens.11 October 2018: We redesigned the home page making it easier to use and clutter-free.

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Every several hundred thousand years or so, Earth's magnetic field dramatically shifts and reverses its polarity.

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