Eclipse crashes updating maven indexes

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The import is done using the default Eclipse project importer.

The Maven project importer can't be used because it shut down Eclipse completely sometimes/often.

Currently not the best solution but I'm not in the position to change this. One of the major problems for us is, that after an update from SCM Eclipse shows a huge amount of resolving errors but maven build runs successfully through without any errors.

Additionally confusing the fact, that this happens mostly on different developers but not all of them!?

The amount of functionality of these application should be increased a lot in the next time but there are a lot of problems with Ant, so we decide to migrate the projects to use Maven. ;-) After a lot of cleanup and migration work these projects were split up into around the double amount of eclipse projects using m2e. This configuration project is referenced from nearly all other projects as parent project.

Additionally I've created a plain project which is only used for configuration, i. Maybe this is not the final solution but currently this setup works fine using plain Maven.

Additionally some of these feature branches were merged together in both directions every two or three days, because they require each other but development can't be done on one branch.But it confuses me, that the import is reachable with Ctrl click on the importet class.Aditionally: Why is the file /.settings/org.eclipse modified during project import?Oh, there is another thing I can mention here: Eclipse hangs without any reaction if I try to import a lot of projects at once.Nothing happens and the percentage counter "Updating Maven Dependencies" on the bottom of the screen freezes.

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