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Organizations rolling out a new employee handbook should ensure it’s housed properly within a company’s onboarding center for both new hires and existing employees, along with other essential on-the-job training and frequently asked questions.”– Mike Hicks, CMO & Strategy, Igloo Software The cost of creating, customizing, implementing, and maintaining an employee handbook depends very much upon how much you want to do yourself. If you start with an employee handbook sample and customize it yourself, your costs will be little more than your time invested.

Here are costs to consider when building an employee handbook: Overall, the costs vary greatly depending on whether you outsource the creation of your employee handbook or you do it yourself.

Consider Legal Zoom, as they provide business legal services with prices that start at per month. Before you start developing an employee handbook from scratch, consider that you may already be working with a provider that can offer you an employee handbook sample.

Like our template above, each of these providers will need your involvement to customize the employee handbook so that it’s specific to your company policies.

An employee handbook serves as a document covering the rules and conduct expected of your employees.

It reduces organizational friction and noise as employees become clear on expectations for themselves and co-workers.

To ensure compliance, it’s best to obtain each new hire’s signature documenting that they reviewed and agree to the terms within your employee handbook.

Federal agencies may take corrective action for conduct and performance deficiencies.

Agencies will inform individuals of their rights, if any, when proposing an action.

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