Error updating jscript intellisense jquery undefined dictionary dating quotes

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If you reference "foo.js" and there is a "foo-vsdoc.js" file next to it, then VS will use the vsdoc version to generate intellisense. I know this isn't much consolation, but we've drastically improved performance and reliability of Javascript Intellisense in Visual Studio 2010.Beta1 is currently available to MSDN subscribers (although it is beta and there are still some bugs in it).The page which compiles and runs fine from my test server is giving me all kinds of errors when I try to run it from Visual Web Developer.

I built my page originally in Dreamweaver, thinking that I could open it in Visual Web Developer and complete the database stuff from there.

The value is in milliseconds so choose something greater than 15000.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Visual Studio.0\HTML Editor\Js Failsafe Timeout HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VWDExpress.0\HTML Editor\Js Failsafe Timeout Does closing and opening the file reset the state? Do you see a process called "typelibbuilder.exe" get started when you press Ctrl-Shift-J?

I was getting this error when adding a new controller using the template "controller with read/write actions and views, using entity framework" I left the field "(leave empty if it's set in a Razor _viewstart file)" empty since I thought that meant use my _viewstart file but it wasn't working correctly, I solved my problem by browsing to the _viewstart file manually.

1 1 C:\...\play3on3\ I'm not really sure what this means and it doesn't seem to have any effect on how my page displays. This would probably not change what you see because javascript typically has more to do with interaction.

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