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I'm not saying bring back the free-love mentality of the 70s, but let's open our minds a bit and understand there is much more to being human than just sh*tposting on Twitter all day.

Pleaze Me is a good place to start, a sexual social media utopia.

When you sign up for Pleazeme (currently in beta) you are presented with a short quiz on your sexual proclivities in order to properly categorize you into one of seven different erotic "worlds".

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Montgomery who created Pleaze Me to challenge the status quo as it relates to the way people treat sex in life and as well as society, especially for women. We have a community guidelines as part of our Terms of Use.Additional upgrades to the app, including the ability to send money via the app in 2015, and the advent of voice and video chats, leveled the playing field between Facebook Messenger and rivals like Whats App and Viber.With its multiple layers of functionality and access to third party apps for various add-ons, the Facebook Messenger app has grown into its own thing, separate from the ‘regular’ Facebook app. While all these advancements seem amazing, there is an unfortunate side effect – it increases the risk of identity theft. Therefore, you remain blissfully unaware of what it is that you agreed to when you downloaded this ‘free’ app.Future features include allowing users to turn-off comments on their posts.She also attached an excerpt from the Terms of Use that highlights the laundry list of bad behavior that would get a user banned fairly quickly. There is something already calming about Pleaze Me.

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